The Fit Biz Mastermind™

For Fitness/Wellness/Nutrition Coaches 

Wanting to Start or Grow Their Online Business

Stay laser-focused on the highest leverage things that will ACTUALLY move your online business forward, freeing up your time and energy to do what you're best at, while actually having a life.

One E-Mail Describes the Problem

"I feel like I'm spread in too many directions, and not focused on what I need to in order to 'move forward'. Then I get overwhelmed, and time just passes by" ~ Overwhelmed Business Owner

Many online personal trainers, coaches, and consultants aren't clear on the "what you NEED to do", so of course it's going to be hard to focus when everything seems to hold equal weight. There are probably many things you could literally STOP doing and nothing would change. Yep, there are things you are stressing about getting done that are complete wastes of time.  

The problem is, it's easy to fear letting something go. At least now you feel like you're doing something, but what would you do with your time instead of those busy things? That's where having a plan, an effective filtering system, and streamlining your processes will help make it crystal clear what you need to be doing day-to-day, what you don't need to be doing, and what someone else could be doing instead of you. 

That's why I'm doing this: I KNOW first hand the struggles and the burnout this kind of work creates. I also know what to do instead. I might not have a 6 or 7 figure business (right now) to impress you with, but I have a decade of trial and error and perseverance behind me, and my business is still standing. I've learned more in the last 4 years that will help you, but out of those things, there are strategies and tactics that I'm actively UNLEARNING because they do not move the needle as much as they were marketed to. 

You'll come across many "opportunities" to learn from business gurus, but often they just repackage one small detail as "the secret sauce" solution. Most of the time, it just keeps you stuck in perpetual learning-mode and while you're learning, you're not doing. 

This group is not about "getting rich quick", it's about getting more for your time and effort, having the kind of life you want, and staying true to yourself (and remaining sane throughout). It's about getting into and staying in action, so you're making consistent progress toward the goals you have for your business so you can progress toward the goals for your life.

If there's one thing I wish I had invested in, it's a coaching group or mastermind like this with someone to support and guide me, keep me focused and aligned with my vision. Many of those kinds of groups cost THOUSANDS of dollars a MONTH to be part of. It seems unfair that the only people who get better at business are the people who are already pretty great at business, or wealthy enough to pay for it. 

This is what I call the frustrating "chicken and egg". This group isn't cheap, but it isn't like the others. This is a leg-up for those trying to get momentum going. It's an investment that would require only 1 monthly client to pay for itself.

I'm glad you're here!

What Is a Mastermind Group?

To me, a mastermind's members are boats, and what we create together is a rising tide. Here's how others define mastermind groups:

"Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. A mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success. Members challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.

In a mastermind group, the agenda belongs to the group and each person’s participation and commitment is crucial. Your mastermind partners give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures that keep you focused and on track. You create a community of supportive colleagues who brainstorm together to move the members to new heights. You’ll gain tremendous insights that improve your business and personal life." ~ The Success Alliance 

In addition to these massive benefits, I will be your facilitator and guide, and can step in with coaching to help anyone get unstuck. We're a community and each person has a super-power. 

The Six Pillars

Here are 6 key pillars to understand and grow in the online business world. You may have some of these nailed, and others may be lagging. With focus and a support network, we can begin progressing you in each area so your business runs more smoothly. And, within each pillar, you are clear on what your "most important" work should be, and what to do with the rest of "the things" so you aren't stressing about all of them.

Establish Your Platform and Assets

Making sure you own your platform, and you understand how to utilize the tech to make your business model work simply and smoothly, with the fewest number of headaches....

Create Compelling Content

What content attracts your audience? What content nurtures a relationship with them? And what other kinds of content are important? And most importantly, what content is a waste of time? 

Attract Your Audience

Who is your ideal client/customer? Where do they hangout, what do they care about, and how on earth do you get their attention. Well, it all starts with research, then testing...

Engineer Your Perfect Offer

How do you even begin building an irresistible offer that your ideal customer needs in order to solve their main challenge, or achieve their goal? This is another major stumbling block. 

Generate Leverage

Plan for this ahead of time. Don't keep everything inside your head, and don't be possessive of all the tasks in your business. Building systems and processes, outsourcing, will allow you to scale and prevent you from burning out.

Stay True to Who You Are

It's easy to get swept up, and it's easy to make compromises for an extra buck. It's easy to work longer hours and do more than you need to. So it's important to stay anchored in your values. 

What's Involved

Simple: We meet via Zoom every other week, dealing with a single focus each time, with simple homework to put in action before the next call. This keeps you focused, and consistent. We check in with each other in our private channel. 

Biweekly Group Calls 

Everyone gets a 15 minute "hotseat". Bring a focus to the call and get clarity on your next steps. We'll guide you, brainstorm with you, and help you filter what's most important (and simple) to get momentum on. 

Private Forum (NOT ON FB)

I have set up a private group to post questions and get feedback between calls. This is crucial to maintain momentum and get unstuck if you find yourself spinning your wheels.

Bonus Social Media Reviews

I will personally review up to 2 of your social media channels (out of FB, IG, or YT) to help you optimize them for your ideal audience and messaging.

quarterly ONE-TO-ONE calls

Most businesses set quarterly goals based on their numbers. This call will focus on what's worked, what needs tweaked and the next steps for our ongoing calls. This call remains confidential.